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Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about sober living.


What is sober living?

Sober Living houses are drug and alcohol free enviroments. Residents are expected to submit to random drug screening.

How much does sober living cost?

Cost of sober living is affordable. Sober Houses have different rates and cost depending on several factors but most are affordable.

How Long Does someone stay in sober living?

Residents length of stay can be anywhere from a couple weeks to several months or years.

What should i bring?

Most houses require you to bring your own toiletries, clothes. Most houses provide bedding.

How much is rent?

Rent is $175 per week.

What is the upfront cost?

The Move in Fee consists of a $280 non refundable deposit and 2 weeks rent totaling $650 upon admission.

What are the requirements for living at SJRR?

Complete a daily chore, actively seek employment or currently be employed, follow all Rules and Regulations. 

Is there Public Transportation Nearby?

Yes, our sober living houses are conveniently located near bus routes and the Patco Speedline, with direct access to Cherry Hill, Haddonfield, Ashland, and Collingswood stations. Area also has abundant Uber/Lyft Services.

Am I free to come and go as I please?

Yes, with the exception of curfews and mandatory weekly scheduled house meetings.

Can I have visitors?

Yes, however visitors are limited to immediate family members who are welcome to tour the houses meet the staff. All visitors must be scheduled with staff. No unapproved visitors are permitted.

Can I bring a Vehicle?

Yes, many of our residents have cars.

Can I bring all my belongings?

No, please keep in mind that you share your closet with a roommate and are restricted to one average size dresser. If circumstances won't allow for your belongings to be stored offsite please speak to management upon admission to arrange with SJRR. 

Is there onsite Laundry Machines?

Yes, each house has a washer and dryer provided at no additional cost. However laundry detergent is not provided. 

Do I need to bring my own bedding?

SJRR provides all blankets sheets and pillows. Residents are not permitted to use own bedding without prior approval from staff.

Are Phones and Laptops allowed?

Yes, personal electronics are welcomed.

Does house provide wifi?

Yes, we provide high speed internet and premium cable.

Are Meals provided?

The houses are stocked with weekly groceries. 

Why is recovery community so important?

Sober living homes offer an opportunity for an individual struggling with addiction to be supported and encouraged throughout the addiction recovery process.

The benefits of sober living in new jersey

SJRR sober homes are located around a strong recovery community in New Jersey. Our houses encourage residents to participate in recovery fellowships that surround them.

Why go to a sober living after treatment?

Going to a sober home provides accountability and structure after treatment. Addiction leads to isolation so to combat that our houses have other people that are going through a similar process that they can relate to.

Why choose Sjrr?

South Jersey Recovery Residences houses are well kept and maintained.All our houses are managed by individuals passionate about helping others achieve success.

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