Returning home after a 30 day rehab can be a trigger for a person in early recovery. Your home can be full of stressors, triggers, and people that can be detrimental to someone's recovery. Without the added support from a sober living home, you may turn to old habits. Philadelphia Sober Living can provide a clean, safe and supportive environment to help you transition back into life.















Why Staying in the City may be Harmful?

For newly recovering people moving out of the city maynot be the most comfortable thing to do at first. After all, the city is home to them. However, cities can be full of stressors, traffic, the hustle and bustle, the guy you owe money too, the list goes on. Away from the city during recovery can help a person clear their mind and focus on their recovery.

In a New Jersey Sober Living home, a person can return to the city but at their own speed whether they are looking for work or visiting family. Doing it his way, they can exercise relapse prevention skills they’ve learned without being overwhelmed.











Philadelphia Sober Living Homes

South Jersey Recovery Residences offers sober living in Camden County NJ and Gloucester County in the Greater Philadelphia Area These homes are located in Beautiful Quiet serene neighborhoods. We provide clean, safe sober living where residents can come and go freely while still maintaining enough structure to reestablish themselves living independently.

If you are still interested in Philadelphia Sober Living, we have great partnerships with sober living in South Philadelphia Sober Living, West Philadelphia Sober Living, North East Philadelphia Sober Living.

In Addition, it helps residents build strong relationships with each other. Addiction is such an isolating condition, which makes it common for people to lose contact with their loved ones due to their substance abuse disorder. By living with others in similar scenarios, individuals can begin to develop a support network that they can rely on after moving on from sober living homes.

Sober Living with South Jersey Recovery Residences

SJRR is always eager and ready to help those committed to their own personal recovery. We know that the road to recovery isn’t always easy because we’ve been through it ourselves. Although our houses have strict house rules and policies, you can be assured that you will never feel alone. Our care driven team works with each individual to help them obtain their goals. Our primary goal is that residents in our houses will develop the confidence and responsibility they need to live a life beyond their own expectations.

Continue along your path to recovery with South Jersey Recovery Residences. To learn more about our sober living houses, call us today at 844.888.7577. Find your new way of life at SJRR. We’re proud to provide the sober living you can count on

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