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What is it to overthink exactly?

If you're like me, your thoughts are a neverending dreadful noise that never seems to silence. But there are multiple ways to try and control them. Meditation. And no, I'm not just talking about sitting criss-cross-applesauce on the floor while trying to reach a serene peak of a Buddhist monk. Meditation can be anything that soothes you. For me, my main focus is about organizing my thoughts and quieting the voice in my head while using distraction as my primary tool. There are many ways to help the grueling ideas that are your own, and constant. It's ok to overthink sometimes, so never be hard on yourself. It's a journey, a process that rewards nothing but inner peace.

There is a form of meditation called "daily life practice" which means to slow down your daily activities to half-speed, that way you're able to remain in the moment and focus on your thoughts and to practice maintaining mindfulness.

Dance! Yes, you read that correctly. Dancing is a form of meditation just as much as taking long walks alone to clear your head, and of course, music is a given to meditation as well. They're both about being mindful of your body and mind. Are you the person to daydream a lot? Then gaze away! Because that's another form of meditation!

The bottom line is, don't overthink meditation. It's there for you to explore, and comes in so many forms that fit your specific needs. Rather than thinking a personal reflection isn't for you, maybe try different tactics! I love a good distraction! That's my meditation. I'm so self-absorbed in my thoughts and daily problems that I forget to relax. Remember that this journey is your journey, and no one else's. Try different types of meditation! Explore your options. I promise you won't regret it.

By Kerry Williams


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